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Client Therapy Reviews


A must see for couples therapy!!!

David is wonderful. My husband and I see him for couples therapy. He has created a safe space and honed in on our sometimes hidden love for each other. We’ve worked through issues we thought we’d never get through. With our visits and David’s observation and advice, we both feel heard, seen, and in a VERY positive place. I cannot thank this man enough for his help and support!!!

I can honestly say that I have never written a review for anything or anyone. This is one time I just couldn't help myself. I have been seeing David for more than 3 years. I personally feel that David has vastly improved my life. Before him I had seen several counselors that just didn't "fit". David has an amazing knack for telling me exactly what I need to hear when I need to hear it. (whether I want to hear it or not.) He does this in a way that is never condescending or judgmental. In my opinion that's what counseling should be. Everyone needs someone to talk to that's not going to let us get away with our bad habits and self pity. He gives you the tools to work through whatever challenges you may be facing. Let me just say that I have tested him with MANY challenges. I firmly believe that David is someone that can be trusted with your mental health!

Your lucky day

This isn't always the easiest thing to put into words, but picture this: if you are an individual in significant need, perhaps feeling you are close to crisis, and you decide to seek professional help, then you will be very fortunate indeed if you decide to seek counseling with David Gordon. He is helpful and insightful, and a wonderful communicator. He has been of enormous help to me in coping with anxieties and stresses that had reached a disabling level, notably a range of issues exacerbated by the covid pandemic. -  Male 72

He's Great
I can't recommend him any higher. He is caring and attentive and truly helped me during the worst time in my life.

Highly recommend
David has been someone that I have felt extremely comfortable confiding in. He offers a compassionate listening ear and honest advice. I’ve struggled a lot with anxiety in my job and in my marriage, and David has been very helpful and insightful. I trust him and, overall, he’s just a good person.  -Female Age 38

Kind, friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.  David  is always insightful, kind and compassionate. Would highly recommend as a therapist.  Female Age 41

Excellent Care

Was nervous to open up about all my problems to someone I didn’t know but as soon as I met with David I felt comfortable and relaxed. He is easy to talk to and listens. He has helped me so much. We continue to have sessions and he has helped calm my anxiety and really helped me work on things.  -Female, Age  36

I highly recommend working with David. I always left our sessions feeling much better than when I walked in and he helped me challenge thoughts and patterns that were feeding my anxiety. I am grateful for how he approached our sessions and feel he was always attentive and thoughtful about what we discussed, the questions he asked, and the things he gave me to work on and consider. -Female 35


David answered a message when I requested a therapist. He helped me when I was feeling depressed. Working with him has helped me continue on the path to wellness. I strongly recommend him as a therapist. -Male 51

I have been working with  David for a number of years, during and since my separation, then divorce. He has been very understanding and supportive throughout, as well as direct and thorough with his communication. Other times have come along in my life which have presented me with difficulty, and a cross roads, at times including; another breakup, job and financial insecurity, and a pending move to greener pastures. As always, David has given great insight and support throughout all. - 54 year old Male

My adult daughter and I worked together with David for several months of this year. It was a rewarding experience for both of us because he was so kind and personable, but at the same time he helped guide us to satisfactorily address and resolve our issues. My daughter and I see him as a very effective therapist and a caring person, and we would recommend him strongly to anyone who is looking for wisdom and guidance on their personal journey.

Over the years I have experienced significant benefits and personal growth from working with a psychotherapist. For me, David Gordon has been an excellent practitioner of this art and science that has led me to greater self-awareness and seeing where and how to make important changes that have improved the quality of my relationships and daily living. I give my highest recommendation to anyone considering working with David- Male age 62

I worked with David over my last several months in New York state, and it was the best possible way I could have spent my time. He is a master of reframing: he knows exactly where to be sensitive and where to challenge. I can't recommend his services more highly - Female age 24

I have a history of not attending or skipping sessions with other counselors-- I've been seeing David for years and he is the ONLY professional I feel like I can talk to and truly be honest with. He's been in the practice for years and it's evident that he has grown within time due to his work experience and handling of patients' concerns. I would  highly recommend him, especially if you're someone who is questioning if seeking help is the right thing to do be doing at the point you are in your life. You are not forced to work on everything in every session if it's just too much.  David  genuinely wants to get to know and figure out ways for how he can relate to clients -  Female Anonymous - July 2021

My experience with David has been a very positive and and caring one since moving up here to Buffalo. He’s went out of his way on numerous occasions to make sure I was getting the best treatment I could. It’s obvious David genuinely cares about his clients, and I recommend him to anyone looking to make a change in their lives.

David has been amazing! He has helped me get through an extremely challenging time in my life. I had such tunnel-vision and felt like things were completely hopeless. He made me view things in an entirely different way and look at things more objectively. I never could have gotten through things without his help and support. David is someone that truly cares about his clients wellbeing and is so supportive! I recommend his services to everyone! - Female age 40

David  Gordon was able to listen to my concerns and help me feel much better. Along with listening, he offered insight and perspective that allowed me to look at aspects of my life in a way that was extremely helpful to me. He is very easy to talk to, and has a welcoming posture that makes you feel comfortable to share your feelings. His years of experience are evident in his comments. I highly recommend him if you are seeking help and support.  

We are a couple in our 30s who needed some help in breaking old habits and improving communication. We thought it was important to sort these things out before taking the next steps in our relationship. Over the months, David has been able to help us navigate conflicts and reconnect when we disagree. He helped us sort through back and forth of an argument, to hear what the other was really saying. We have left every session feeling heard and more committed. Thanks to David’s guidance, we also feel equipped to continue the work in between sessions. Our foundation feels stronger than ever. After some months working with David, we are happily engaged!  

"I never thought I would be one to need to go to counseling but David helped me over the course of a few months when I was in a very dark place in my life and I looked forward to those sessions and having him as an outlet during that time. David was very good with helping me view myself and my life through another perspective and showing me how to improve my emotions and emotional control to empower myself instead of beating myself up."   Female, 28 years old 

"Handily the best therapist I've ever spoken with- perhaps the most morally upstanding one, and I'm tremendously grateful for all of the time I've gotten to spend with him." Female age 31.   

If you are looking for a therapist who will support, give guidance and instruction, lead you to analyzing your own emotions as well as pointing out what they see in your life story, then you may love working with David Gordon. I was struggling with dating after the demise of my 30+ year marriage and looking for a therapist to help shed light on several issues I was having. Dr. Gordon's experience with adults in the face of change was so incredibly helpful. As a listener, he was validating and was quick to frame my experiences to reflect my needs as I started dating. Specific skills/tools were shared that helped me gain confidence. And I was challenged as I told my story so as to really grow. He helped me see things from multiple perspectives and to question some of my own paradigms. My meetings here were mostly twice a month but when a crisis occurred, David was accommodating in order to find a slot for us to meet. I would highly recommend David Gordon. - Adult female, Age 60.  

David Gordon has helped me through many things in the past year. Without him I never could have gotten through it. He has made me a better, and stronger person. To anyone reading this I highly recommend Mr Gordon.  - 17 year old high school senior. 

 I found David Gordon to be a very kind and compassionate counselor. He helped my daughter through some very rough waters in her life and we are very grateful to have worked with him.

As a 20 year old college student, I have had trouble in the past with counselors having an inability to really relate to how I've responded to the stresses and issues of trying to grow up in our global, technological world. David is understanding and personable, I always felt like he was able to understand the quirks of my personality quickly and deeply, and knew how to best get through to me. As such, he was the first counselor I have had who really made me feel truly heard. Furthermore, he was always prepared and aware of what was going on in my life and worked to help me find tangible solutions to dealing with everyday and long-term stresses.

We sought David's help when we decided to get married. Second marriage for both of us. We were struggling with expectations/relationships with ourselves and our older children. David is a great listener and helped us to become better listeners. He was easy to talk to and made it very comfortable for both of us to share what was on our minds. Our relationship is better than ever and we are very grateful to him. - Couple, age 50

I had such a good experience while working with David. He has helped me gain self awareness and insight into how I am as a person and ways I could be more effective. I highly recommend you check him out!! – Female, age 26

 I very much appreciate David's practical advice and sense of humor in marriage counseling sessions with my wife. He does an excellent job in keeping us both engaged. – Couple, Male, Age 34

 I am a mental health professional, and went to see David for some help with burn out. David is a compassionate and relatable therapist. His kind listening and consult helped me overcome a difficult moment in my career. I was able to get clarity, and learn from his knowledge and experience. I’d happily recommend him to others. – Male, Age 40

David has had a profound impact on me since I began seeing him on a regular basis for over a year and a half now. He is always prepared, listens attentively and provides a mechanism for his patients to verbalize and understand how they can improve their daily interactions with friends,family and colleagues.  I wholeheartedly endorse David Gordon.

I am a 64 year old female professional, now retired. I was dealing with depression and anxiety related to extreme stress from working 60-70 hours/week and feelings of failure over my decision to retire many years earlier than I had planned. I have worked with a number of counselors throughout my life, but none were as helpful to me as David Gordon. He has excellent listening skills and is able to reflect in a fashion that is concise and insightful. He was able to help me reframe my perceptions of the changes in my life in a very positive, yet realistic way, that helped me move forward. We worked together for 5-6 months, and I can honestly say 6 months after finishing therapy that I am doing very well. I could not have imagined a year ago that I would be feeling so happy, calm and hopeful about my life and career. Life is good! God is good! David’s skills were a critical component in my recovery!

 I sought out David when I was struggling through some critical personal issues. He was always accommodating and helped me through with encouragement and helped me focus on my worthiness.  -Female, Age 56

David Gordon works closely with our organization providing consultation, clinical services and training to clients. In addition to David's excellent clinical skills, he is a wonderful educator, and well liked by our team and the clients that are working with him. – Professional Colleague

I’ve been seeing David for about 2 years now, and I have found him to be very experienced, knowledgeable and easy to talk to. His meetings have a very personal, easy-going feel to them, and I have found him to often remember things brought up in past sessions better than I do! I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for someone who not only listens, but gives honest feedback as well. – Male, Age 42

As a retired professional, I am writing this as a recommendation for David Gordon.i have known David for over 25 years as a colleague and friend at Baker Victory Services. I have always had the greatest respect for him as a therapist and supervisor. He always looked out for the best interests of those he served. He led the way for our agency to become certified as a trauma-informed care agency. As a family advocate I refer potential clients to David. Those in need of competent professional help will be well-served to see him. – Professional Colleague

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