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Professional Training 

    Training participation includes
  •        Gottman Institute Level 1 - Trained  (Couples)

  •       Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional ( CCATP )

  •        Attachment and Commitment Therapy ( 4 Day Intensive Bootcamp )

  •        Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

  •       Best Anxiety Treatment Techniques ( 12 Hour Certification Training Dr. Margaret Wehrenberg )

  •        “Dance of Attachment”,  - Attachment  Disorder and Adoption - Holly van Gulden  ( 5 day )

  •        Solution Focused Therapy

  •         Trauma Informed Care including Sanctuary Model Multiple Training– 5 Day Leadership Team Training

  •        Understanding and Treatment of Infidelity

  •       Sexual Desire Discrepancy

  •        Impasses in Couples Therapy

  •          Suicide Assessment  (Columbia Screening)

  •        Trauma and Healing (Gabor Mate)

  •        Working with Sexual Perpetrators (5 day)

  •        Family Therapy (Catholic Charities Certification Program)

  •        Childhood Trauma

  •        Bi Polar Disorder

  •        Anxiety and Depression (Multiple)

  •        Brief Solution Focused Therapy (Scott Miller)

  •       The Science and Practice of Termination

  •      Compassion in Psycotherapy

  •        High Performance Team Building Certificate Program

  •        Adolescent Behavioral Approaches

  •       Values Clarification: ACT Tools for Identifying what Matters

  •        Educational Strategies of Emotionally Disturbed Students

  •       Self Disclosure and Role in Therapy

  •        Managing Multiple Priorities: A Guide for Leadership Building

  •        Executive Leadership Development

  •        Building Effective Teams

  •        Supervision in Social Work



    Opening my private practice has given me more opportunities to become involved in training     experiences which I greatly enjoy. I believe that a good training workshop needs to be engaging, informative and useful.

    I have worked a variety of groups both large and small. I have developed a significant amount of training material around trauma, trauma informed/trauma sensitive care, behavioral interventions as well as understanding trauma in children.     


    I train quarterly with pre- adoptive families on attachment, grief and loss and trauma through AdoptionStar and the A-OK Program.  

Possible Training Services
  •        Attachment and Adoption

  •        Reactive Attachment Disorder

  •        Trauma Treatment/Impact of Trauma on Children

  •        Trauma Sensitive/Trauma Informed Work Environments

  •       Developing a Trauma Informed Culture

  •       Self-Care for Professionals

  •       Behavioral Interventions for children in School and Institutional Care

  •       Suicide Identification and Interventions for Children and Adolescents

  •       Individual Case Consultation

  •     LCSW-R Supervision

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